Interprofessional Teams And Leadership

We are investing, expanding and sustaining our inter-professional leadership development for residents, faculty, nurses, students and staff. Collaborative teamwork is core to our program and integrated throughout our curriculum. We believe that healthcare is best delivered through high performing, interprofessional teams that focus on each patient’s individual needs.

Interprofessional teams and leadership supports our core values of:

  • Providing exceptional patient-centered care by empowering patients to be active partners in their care, as well as through increased coordination of care
  • Better serving vulnerable populations and patients of diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Shifting the emphasis from acute, episodic care to long-term preventive care and chronic illness management
  • Fostering appreciation and understanding of other disciplines, in an environment that promotes student participation
  • Encouraging innovation and modeling strategies for future practice

"At John Muir Health, it seems like a wonderful place to work and receive healthcare. The doctors are intelligent, thoughtful and friendly and have great relationships with patients. The staff is focused on helping patients. People seem to walk out happier."

G.T. - UCSF 3rd year medical student